Selamat Jalan – Personal Movie

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A personal travel movie I did back in 2010.

Lucas and me, two landlocked Austrians, spent our summer in Indonesia exploring the islands, the culture and the surf.
We got rewarded with a lifetime memory…

Since I put this film online in 2010 I got tons of feedback. It’s awesome that people still write me from all over the world. It puts a smile in my face every time again. Amongt all those messages I want to share at least one with you guys, it’s from Andrey Ivanov:

“Hey guys,

I just wanted to thank you. I didn’t expect it now, but you just gave me the greatest gift I’ve ever had, the subtle ability to appreciate.
Appreciation takes peace of mind, and I never had it. At first I wasn’t going to watch the full 30 minutes of Indonesia, simply because I was “busy” doing other things I have planned.
But I did, first because it is awesome, but also because it quickly changed my state of mind. Up to this day I was constantly solving a problem, curating my life to be efficient and only spending time on things that seemed to matter. So I never had the chance to see the details, and to discover the hidden world of what things really are behind what they seem to be.
Watching the video I could really feel your joy, the movement of the waves, the weather.. everything seemed so real, not because of the visuals, but because of a unique perspective and a way of doing things that is your own.

So thank you, I definitely consider your work as one of the greatest masterpieces, because no museum, no painting nor movie has changed a mind so quickly, and I guess I’m not the only one.

Keep on doing more!


Direction, Production & Post Production, 2010.